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Make a Booking

Make a Booking

Come join us at Oiler Studio- walk in anytime, or make a booking to ensure your spot!

Use coupon code OilerSummer24 during for 35% off June and July bookings,

as a thank you from us to you!

*coupon expires 31 May 2024, can only be used for bookings in June and July 2024


Party Packages

How it works



Book online for parties under 12 people, 3 hours per booking

(For over 12, call us at 832-582-0278 / email

Check out our set parties, or build your own.


We have a rotating selection of activities across crafts, music, dance, media, comedy, jewelry design, whiskey tastings, leather crafting and more.


Arrive 15 minutes before your party

Plenty of time to settle in, grab a drink, order food, and let us take it from there!



Open gifts, add more drinks, food and crafts. Feel free to stay at the bar or any open (non-reserved) seating after your booking is over.

Set Parties

Set Parties - 3 hour booking

Set Parties

BBQ Date Night, $25 / person

Spice up your love life at our BBQ date night. Each couple crafts 2 custom meat rubs and decorates 2 koozies.

Mom's Day Out, $25 / person

Take a break and enjoy a day of laughter and relaxation. Each guest will paint their own wine glass and turn it into a candle!

DIY Spa Party, $35 / person

You deserve to be pampered! Each guest creates, decorates, and paints their own bath salt, sugar scrub, and wine glass!

Leading Lady Celebration, $60 / person

Each guest bedazzles a thong for the Leading Lady, a sash for themselves, and paints a martini glass.

Murder Mystery Party, $65 / person

*minimum 12, max 60, with full-space book-out required

Whodunnit! Let us host your next scandal- filled, mysterious gathering. Choose from 5 different storylines, we lead the plot and provide all accessories.

Around the World in Whisky, $75 / person

Our Whisky experience includes 6 tastings (Bourbon, Rye, Tennessee, Canadian, Scotch, Irish) that are neatly paired with a complementary food to highlight the magical flavors of each whisky.

Texas Chili Cookoff, $75 / person

Host up to 10 teams with 4 people per team. We provide everything! Meat, spices, supplies. You cook and eat, we clean.

Build Your Own

Build Your Own

$6 / person, 1 hour needed

DIY bath salts

DIY sugar scrub

Bedazzled koozie

Meat rubs

Karaoke singalongs 

$15 / person, 90 minutes needed

Lip balms x3

Die cut earrings (leather, pleather, suede, glitter)

Coffee mug painting 

Wine glass painting

Pint glass painting

Martini glass painting

Improv night

$25 / person, 90 minutes - 2 hours needed

Paint by Number (choose your own design)

Candle Making

DIY Charcuterie Board

Clay-making (one design per party)

Macrame (one design per party)

Bedazzle a Thong

ABC Letter Decoupage (great for baby showers!)

Wreath Making

Sash Decorating 

Decorate Your Own Cake (1 cake per person)

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