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Our Story

Oiler Studio started when the two founders, Maggie Judge and Yvette Dzumaga, came together with an idea that had been independently brewing in each of them for years.


What if we had a community space for people to come in and create?


Rather than a specialized workshop or having to buy all the equipment to try out a craft, what if you could just borrow stuff to try it first?


Instead of going out to a bar or a restaurant, what if we got together with friends and co-workers to do an activity, creating something?


At Oiler Studio, we created space to be casually creative and social.


You can work with your hands (pottery, painting, candle making), move around (yoga, dance, hula hooping), or work in a group (murder mystery, chili cookoffs, scavenger hunts).

We wanted this option for our nights out, during our team building days, and just anytime that we wanted to do something, try something new.

And so we built it.


Welcome to Oiler Studio. We can't wait to host you!

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